1. I use OneNote for all of my gaming notes and campaign logs as well. I love the tabs and tagging features, plus the clipping tool (both for Windows and Chrome) has come in handy plenty of times. I checked out Evernote a couple years ago and it was nice, but having a Windows Phone meant that OneNote was baked in and just worked seamlessly so it was a no-brainer for me to choose which one to keep using.

    1. Between Microsoft making OneNote free and finally getting a usable client for my Android devices (still needs work IMHO) it’s hard not to make a case for using it over Evernote – depending on what you need it for.

      I can’t see myself moving to a Windows phone though so I hope more of the features you have available to you make it to the Android client soon, seems like despite being the dominant mobile operating system it doesn’t get the love it should.

      1. I’d be willing to bet the Android version gets some love with updates. Microsoft is positioning itself as more of a services and software provider so having its products used on Android and iOS is key to that strategy.

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