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Getting your campaign material in order

It’s been a topic of discussion here more than once and if you get even just a couple of GMs together it’s bound to come – how to best organize your campaign materials. Jackson Malloy¬†over and Sword and Scoundrel¬†(got to … Continue reading

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Starting a new tome, moving to OneNote

As we find so often in life, including at the #gaming table, sometimes you just have to say good-bye, and I’m saying good-bye to #Evernote as my organization tool of choice. Back in April I mentioned that my GM binder … Continue reading

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My GM binder? Evernote of course!

UPDATE: After many, many moons of using Evernote and looking to use it for my next campaign I’ve shifted gears and am moving to Microsoft’s OneNote Product – you can read about it in the Starting a new tome, moving … Continue reading

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SMS and Evernote For Capturing On The Run

If you do a little digging you’ll find no shortage of apps you can use on your smartphone to capture ideas, in fact I mentioned a few myself in this post a while back. But, what if you don’t have … Continue reading

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