Congrats to Stargazer’s World 10th Anniversary!

While there are a lot of great RPG related blogs out there and I’ve missed a few of these milestones across the web I wanted to take a moment and congratulate Stargazer on leveling up to the next die level – welcome to the d10 club!

Be sure to take a few minutes to stop by and read the post marking this occasion and leave a comment.

Congrats Stargazer and I wish you many more years.

May your dice roll well!

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August 2018 Blog Carnival: Celebrations!

Fireworks - Blog Carnival 10th AnniversaryI know, it’s a bit unusual for the RPG Blog Carnival to stop by here in August but I just couldn’t help myself as this month marks the 10th anniversary of this carnival!

To be exact, the first kick off post was on August 7, 2008 over at The Core Mechanic and the topic was Resurrection.

So, in honor of our 10th anniversary, this month’s topic is Celebrations!

How to you mark those special occasions in your campaigns and gaming groups? Do you have a party with cake and ice cream? Do you hoist a glass of your favorite liquid and toast the moment?

Of course, not all celebrations are blowouts, some are as simple as moment of silence to remember those comrades that fell on the field of battle when the town was defended.

So this is your chance to share those moments, either the ongoing ones (like anniversaries) or those that are just done once (the end of a campaign?) and let all of us enjoy those moments with you.

May your dice roll well!

RPG Blog Carnival

To participate in this month’s carnival just write up a post sharing how your group celebrates these moments linking to this post along with adding a note in the comments below.

I’m looking forward to celebrating with you all!

Be sure to check back next month for the wrap-up post!

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First Blog Carnival of 2018 Underway!

The beginning of every year brings a fresh start and in some cases, fresh snowfall (at least here on the East Coast of the US). It also brings with it a new season for the RPG Blog Carnival, and our first host, Renaissance Gamer, has already kicked things off with this month’s topic, Tabletop Gaming on a Budget.

From the post:

January’s RPG Blog Carnival topic is Tabletop Gaming on a Budget: how to get gold piece value gaming supplies and resources for copper piece prices. Useful just after the holidays?

Check out the full post for all the details and be sure to leave a comment there, especially if you post something on your site related to the topic.

May your dice roll well!


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Incredible War Hammer Model

While it doesn’t appear finished, you should check out the Nippon Castle for Warhammer post over at The Dark Side of Willmark – here’s one of the pictures from the site.

A really great job and I’m looking forward to seeing the finished model.

May your dice roll well!

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