The RPG Blog Carnival

Welcome to the RPG Blog Carnival!

Below you’ll be able to visit the locations the carnival has been traveling lately and find a wide range of topics and related posts. The carnival has been running for several years and you can find the full listing of locations and topic in the RPG Blog Carnival Archive.

Have a blog of your own? Interested in contributing to the magic of the carnival? Skip to the bottom and see how.

This Month’s RPG Blog Carnival

Last Month’s Carnival


  • Tabletop Gaming on a Budget, Renaissance Gamer, January 2018
  • Daemons & Deathrays, February 2018
  • Codex Anathema, March 2018
  • Grimoires, Journals, and Spell-Books – Hereticwerks, April 2018
  • What scares you?, Reckoning of the Dead, May 2018
  • Why do you love RPGs? Why do you love GMing?, Campaign Mastery, June 2018
  • HOST NEEDED, July 2018
  • of Dice & Dragons, August 2018
  • Roleplaying Tips, September 2018
  • of Dice & Dragons, October 2018
  • Pitfalls & Pixies, November 2018
  • Dice Monkey, December 2018

Check out all the past locations and topics in the archive.

Why Participate

Blogger carnivals are a way for a group of bloggers to all simultaneously write about the same topic. They are a great way to build community and dialogue across many different blogs at once.

This benefits fans and readers of those blogs because they have the opportunity to explore lots of different viewpoints in a short period of time.

It also benefits the bloggers because they get new readers to stop by. It also helps with SEO. Everyone wins.

How to Participate

Have a blog? Want to write for the RPG Bloggers Carnival? Easy – just write a post on the current month’s topic and in your post link to the Host’s blog post that announced the topic (see below). You can also drop by their blog and leave a comment on the announcement post.

That’s it. At the end of the month, the Host will write a round-up and include a link back to your article.

How to Sign Up To Host

To be a RPG Carnival host for a month, contact me and let me know what month you’d like to host for and the topic for that month’s carnival.

Contact me now to reserve your month!

How To Host A Carnival

If you are the host of the carnival, then plan on writing two posts at a minimum.

The first post announces the topic of the carnival – which is up to you! After all, you’re the host! Sometime people also optionally blog about the topic in the same post they made the announcement. Personally, I prefer to break it up so that the announcements come on the first of the month, leaving you time to develop your post later in the month. Your mileage may vary. Take a look at some of the previous carnivals to get some ideas. In general, it may also be a good idea to include a link to this Archive page for your readers to check out.

Your second post should be a “round-up” of the Carnival. This usually comes during the following month. You can at a minimum simply have a barebones post that links back to all the articles written by other blogs on the topic; or you can write a meaty discussion piece that links out to all the posts AND discusses the topics from your point of view. It’s pretty open / flexible – whatever works for you is OK, but the key thing is the “round up” should include links to all the blogs who participated in the Carnival you hosted.

Topic Ideas If You Are Stuck

  • RPG Software & Tools
  • Law & Order
  • Mysteries
  • Monsters
  • Under The Water
  • Forests & Jungles
  • Deserts, Dunes and Shores
  • Economics
  • Criminal Organisations
  • Low-Powered Adventures
  • Mashups
  • Weird Science
  • Pre-Written Adventures
  • Horror
  • Military
  • Aerial Adventures

Participating blogs (hosts and contributors) for each RPG Blog Carnival are encouraged to use the ‘official’ logo (shown below) when posting content related to the carnival. The logo was decided by popular vote and was designed by Reis O’Brien of the blog, Geek Orthodox. You can link to the image via the HTML code fragment listed below or download them and use them.

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