1. Thanks for hosting this month’s carnival, Scot. Great topic. Here’s my entry.

    **Making Undead Cool Again**

    Undead are boring. We’ve gamed them so much they’re predictable and common. For the fantasy city campaign I’m planning, I’m adding undead. Lots of undead. And I have a plan to make them cool again. It’s an evil plan. A plan that, if you heard what it was, you’d clutch your character sheet and run screaming to a different GM. Here’s my plan….


    1. So I actually continued this theme all month long… my wrap-up post is here. Great idea (and coincided very well with the Monster Manual release)!

  2. This month over at the Moebius Adventures blog, I’ve covered all sorts of ideas for getting creepy descriptions for your games (some using Moebius products, some not).Today’s features an old crone and a simple trick – a trail of ghostly blood leading to a doorway… but it’s been a fun month (challenged myself to 31 days of writing and am happy to say I’ve almost made it!)… Here’s today’s link: http://blog2.moebiusadventures.com/2014/10/29/31-days-of-halloween-day-29/

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