October 2014 Blog Carnival Wrap-up

rpgblogcarnivallogoThe stakes have been pulled out of the ground (and a few corpses) and the RPG Blog Carnival has moved over to Roleplaying Tips to talk about races, but before you head over there to find out what’s going on, here’s a quick run down of the October posts.

One last thing before we get things rolling here, I have to say thanks to everyone that contributed this month – especially those that contributed multiple times. Like last year the ghouls and goblins came out and enjoyed the numerous posts (along with causing some mischief with the site). I hope I captured everyone here but if I missed you my apologies.

  • To start the month off we were treated to ideas to make undead cool again over at Roleplaying Tips. Undead don’t have to be mindless beasts, give them a society and a motive – check out the post for other ideas.
  • Over at World Builder Blog they started with The Lingering Havoc a bone chilling nightmare than no party should have to deal with. Of course that wasn’t enough, it turned into a month long theme be sure to check the wrap-up post.
  • What would Halloween be without a ghost story or two? Over at Board Enterprises we get a ghost story and how you can play it out in your world. John also shared some of his zombie posts as well.
  • Thanks to General Tangent for a pair of postings, one sharing a true story of the tricks our minds can play on us as children and then a follow up to explain it.
  • Jon over at 5egrognard has been spending a lot of time converting over monsters to 5e rules. If you have some time to wander about his site there are more than a few critters to choose from.
  • Mind Weave Role-Playing treated to a pair of postings as well. First up the Abaddon, a fun warrior devil to throw at your party. It was then followed up the following week with the Drakogeist, which as the name implies is related to dragons.
  • For a change of pace Lizard’s Gaming and Geekery Site gave us the Scorpion Throne, a figure of wonderous power and quite frankly not something I would like to sit on (but wouldn’t mind have in my office).
  • We hit the jackpot with FIVE posts from Enderra, Moon Ghosts, Black Mold, Sewer Worms, The Crowd, and A Short Note on Evil Clowns. Also, be sure to check out his kick off post as it has a few more links to article from his archives on the topic.
  • Then we were off to houserule.com for a classic horror setting and article on how it might apply to your tabletop game.
  • Campaign Mastery then jumped in with another article on undead (What is it with undead and Halloween?). Mike takes us on an interesting thought process about what does it mean to be alive along with positive and negative energies.
  • Playing in a horror campaign was the topic of the post over at RPG Alchemy and Samuel give a number of suggestions and pulls from his own experience to help you get the most out of playing on the player side of the screen.
  • The Moebius Adventures blog had a whole month of posts covering all kinds of ideas for creepy descriptions in our games. Rather then just point to the one post mentioned during the carnival you should check out the whole lot.
  • The Bleeding Scroll then bled for us, and penned 28 Days Later – Changing Just a Little Thing which is part review and part how to take something from a movie and apply it to your game.
  • Hereticwerks then have us Six Altogether Ooksome Things, a half dozen prowlers that you can use to spook your party.
  • Leicester’s Ramble gave us Parasite Zombies, explaining the concept, a example of them in use and of course a stats block.
  • Finally, I’ll plug my own entry, What was that? A plot device? Where I give a few suggestions and a few things to look our for when using a character’s childhood as a plot device.

Thanks again for all who contributed and made this the best carnival I’ve hosted to date. With any luck we’ll be back here again next October for another round of frightening fun.

May your dice roll well!

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