July 2015 Blog Carnival: Sheathing the Weapons

rpgblogcarnivallogoThe RPGBA Carnival moved on long ago (if you’re quick you catch up with it over at Creative Mountain Games) but the wrap up here never got posted. You have my apology for that so without further ado, here’s the wrap up of the legendary posts written for the Weapons of Legend carnival.

In the order they came in:

The Catholics had some pretty cool +1 swords – a partial listing of some interesting and powerful Catholic weapons. Have to give bonus points for Spear of Destiny inclusion.

Weapons of Legend in the Summerlands – a couple of weapons that come from the mythology of the Polynesian Islands – Jawbone of Maui and Tokotoko-tai (Longstaff of the Sea).

The Real Swords of Findalay – not one, not two, but five swords included in this package, did I forget to mention they’re all intelligent? Be sure to pick up a copy of the PDF while you’re there.

Death Metal – What do you get when you listen to heavy metal music and play RPGs? You get the Death Metal sword and a sudden urge to form a mosh pit.

The Legend of Betrayal’s Tear – “Yes, this is an absurdly powerful legendary weapon.” Yes, that’s a direct quote from the posting. A wonderful sword to be wielded and a great write up of its history.

Gymir’s Tooth – Another non-sword entry, one of very few. There’s an interest back story to this dwarven made warhammer, and it’ll make your hero a bane of dragonkind.

The Tuesday Sundries – RPG Blog Carnival – Weapons of Legend – Comments on a sword so powerful in Grymvald it can alter time.

Rothubel, the Lucky – A thought experiment over at Leicester’s Ramble and makes for a good read. It’s the story of Rothubel, a sword, and its journey on the way to becoming legendary.

Golden Zenith – Another entry from Summerland and this time a long bow. The post includes the history and a variety of powers that the bow has.

RPG Blog Carnival: Weapons of Legend: Gretzky’s Staff – An interesting staff and one that I’m sure to many will feel familiar somehow . . . .

RPG Blog Carnival: Weapons of Legend: Ahab’s Crosshairs – And now for something completely different, a laser rifle – yes you read that right, a laser rifle. It is the only item it that particular category, be sure to check it out.

Harbinger of Doom – Brandes shared some interesting tidbits about Named and Living Weapons in Dust to Dust and is definitely worth taking a look at.

Ganister’s Stones – You remember the lowly sling? You know that weapon that no one ever really wanted to use but had anyway. That might have been different if they had a pouch full of stones like these.

I hope I managed to catch everyone on this round up – again my apology for getting it out so late.

May your dice roll well!

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