1. For last month’s carnival, I started creating a 5th edition setting. Today, I added two Weapons of Legend appropriate to the setting: The Jawbone of Maui and Tokotoko-tai (Longstaff of the Sea), two weapons from Polynesian legends. They may not be as well known in Western culture as Excalibur or Oswald’s Rifle (which was an artifact in a Scion game I played in, once upon a time), but the Jawbone and Tokotoko-tai are at the center of awesome stories, and a fun showcase for the 5e Legacy weapon rules I’m working on.


    Thanks for hosting! This is a fun topic.


  2. Hi Scot,

    Thanks for hosting, and a great theme.

    I cheated a little, as I created a legendary bow which could fit both the Weapons of Legend AND the Summerland themes:


    It made a change to be writing about a mighty bow rather than another sword.

    All the best

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