Who doesn’t enjoy exploring the sewers?

Alligator from the sewersWho doesn’t enjoy exploring a maze of tunnels, dead ends, and rooms full of creatures to battle?

The GM that’s who.

It’s something that a lot of GMs like to run, but it’s something that many of us don’t really enjoy planning out. The encounters are easy enough, but creating a map of all of it can be a bit of a burden once in a while and every so often it’s nice to get some help.

If you are looking for a little help take a look at Michael Raston’s post, Fantasy City Sewer Generator (h/t to Johnn Four for sharing this on his twitter feed).

Michael has obviously put some thought into this and came up with a series of tables that anyone can grab and use to help them create random sewers on the fly. He’s included tables not just for the room itself but also what could be in the room as well as some treasure suggestions. He also mentions that it would also make sense to maintain a room type for a number of rooms so it’s lays out like a semi-logical zone.

Using his tables and the suggestions for a GM map that I mentioned in the One Dungeon, Two Maps, post from a few days ago, you can create a sewer setup really quick and keep your game moving right along.

May your dice roll well.

Fantasy City Sewer Generator via Lizardman Diaries

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