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  1. Being the twisted deviants we are, we make the monsters people. Even before 3rd edition, I allowed the intelligent monsters to have class levels. In a recent adventure, the heroes were tasked with thwarting a war between merfolk and humans. The various opponents they faced were merfolk warriors, thieves, priestesses and wizards, elven assassins hired by the merfolk to kill the human wizards, human bandits who were mentally enslaved to the aboleth who were instigating the war, and, in a more political and espionage way, humans who wanted to profit from the war.

    In the current game I’m running, the PCs are monsters. The group are minotaurs seeking to rescue a human noble captured by drow. The primary opponents have been kuo-toa warriors and assassin-priests and a freshwater scrag. They are currently dealing with a traitorous human priest of Zuggtmoy, who is an ally now, but clearly has his own agenda.

    – Brian

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