Waving farewell and moving onto 2017

Waving farewell to 2016

It is with mixed emotions that I wave good-bye to 2016. In some respects the year was a complete disaster and on other fronts I would say it was a complete success.

This year saw a great deal of personal struggle including losing a family member, seeing my wife continue her health struggles with yet more surgery, challenges in both the work and personal life areas, and my. own life altering health issues (nothing life threatening thankfully). The challenges were all met head on and while many are slowing being turned in the right direction it will take some time but hopefully they won’t impact things here as much as they have been.

I have to admit seeing how few posts I managed in the last year really bothers me and I’ll be working on correcting that in the months to come. Unlike past years I’m not going to set a specific number but I will promise that I will be making every attempt to most more that last year.

What is interesting is despite the few posts the page view and visitor counts have continued to increase and 2016 saw the highest mark yet including three consecutive months with over 2000 page views. I know that for many that’s a day’s worth of traffic but for me that’s huge and I thank all those that continue to stop by and continue to share the material here.

It’s also been a good year for the RPG Blog Alliance as our Google+ Community continues to grow and many of the members share multiple posts a day from their blogs. There’s a lot of great stuff being shared and if you’re not a part of the community take a few minutes and sign up – it’s well worth it.

For those that would like to follow all of the blogs in the RPGBA I continue to send out a tweet on the of Dice and Dragons twitter account for every post that shows up in my master RSS feed. We average over 350 posts a week and you can find them in the thread as they are marked with the hashtag #rpgba.

Finally, the daily newsletter I publish, Table Top Gaming, continues to draw interest. If you follow my personal twitter account I send out a notice when a new edition is available. Of course you can also subscribe to get it via email as well.

So yes, there were many positive things that happened in 2016 and my hopes is that with a few changes, and hopefully a little luck, in my offline life things will be much improved here on the blog and with the projects that are associated with it.

Thank you once again for all that stop by, share the material, and continue to support the RPGBA, it makes everything well worth it.

May your dice roll well.

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