Use those index cards

They’re inexpensive, portable and hold up well – so why don’t more gamers and GMs use them?

Almost every role-playing game lends itself to their use. Spellcasters can put spell information on them while those that use weapons can use them not only to list their weapons but also any special features and ammunition. They’re also great for those that have a range of attack options; list out each attack type along with all the appropriate modifiers so you can speed up combat.

Got a character with different attack types and options? Go grab a pack of colored index cards to make finding things easier.

Speaking of multi-colored index cards they’re great for the GM. Set up a different color for each item you need to track. Yellow for NPCs, green for locations, blue for creatures and white for character information. During a session you can grab a card and clip it to your GM screen so it’s easy to see the information.

So go ahead, grab a pack of index cards and streamline a few things during your sessions.

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