The power of three

three-zinnenToday marks a rather special convergence, at least for me anyway.

This is my 300th post on the blog, it falls on 3/3 and today, at 3:30, I have an appointment to pick up a ‘new’ to me vehicle – that’s a lot of threes and must mean something.

To be honest, the number three does have a significant role in a number of religions, cults, and organizations and you will often hear it referenced, “the power of three will set you free,” “what you send out comes back threefold,” and so on.

This also lends itself very nicely to you gaming table, can you tap a number that gives significance to your campaign or a culture in it?

The number 13 is seen frequently throughout a number of cultures. In some it’s bad luck, for some it’s the number of months in a year (it’s also the number of moon cycles in a year).

The important thing is to pull a number that doesn’t have as strong an identity in the real world, so obviously you’d want to stay away from the two I’ve already mentioned (I’d include the number seven as well).

As an example, the number nine has a significance in Tolkien’s works – the number or companions in the Ring’s Fellowship, and conversely the number of Ring Wraiths. A duality that not only is an interesting intersection but also makes for good storytelling.

So, what number did you pick?

May your dice roll well.

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