Site work underway

I mentioned on Google+ last night I’ve decided that the categories and post tags on this site needed an overhaul and I’ve already started that work and wanted to pass that information along.

Please bear with me while I work through this process. While there aren’t many posts to work with, roughly 260, it is still a time consuming process. I’m starting with eliminating those categories and tags that just don’t seem to make sense or have a relatively small number of posts. Following the weeding process I’m going to examine all the posts, starting at the beginning, and determining if they are classified properly and if needed, post an update to them and/or expand on them. The say that hind-sight is 20/20 so, since I can make changes I will if I think it’ll make the post and blog better.

When this is all done my goal is to have each post have a single category and at least one tag to help further clarify what the subject is. This should make it easier for everyone to find things (including me) and keep me more on track as I add material.

Also during this time I’m going to be adding some needed items, like a policy’s page, tweak a few things that run in the background and do some general clean up.

While all of this is going on feel free to post any suggestions for the site and if you find something that doesn’t work or has gone missing please post about it below so I can either fix it or explain what’s going on – sometimes I forget that others are seeing the work being done.

May your dice roll well.

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