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In issue #370, Random Encounter Tables, Johnn treats us to a guest article by Charles Ciaffone who offers a different spin on random encounters. He leaves the party level out of the equation and instead focuses on using the encounter to further develop the region which then gives more depth to the gaming experience.

For those that are big into browsing gaming information online (like me) check out the reader submitted tip using Stumble Upon more effectively – you might even find of Dice and Dragons on it!

In issue #371, Alternative Dungeon Environments, Johnn gives us another guest article, this time by Garrison Sutton. This article takes the idea of a dungeon and turns it on its end and asks the question, “what could be run like a dungeon but isn’t a dungeon?” There are a lot of ideas tossed out in the article and well worth the read, especially to help get the creative juices flowing.


Issue #370 – Random Encounter Tables
–> A Brief Word From Johnn

–> This Week’s Tips:
1. Pre-Roll Encounters
2. Define the Region
3. Craft Side Adventures From Too-Powerful Encounters
4. Character Development
5. Add In Random Plot Devices
6. Encounter Table Generation
7. Regional Tables
8. Political Tables
9. Sample Random Encounter Tables

–> Readers’ Tips Of The Week:
1. Rumours…Or Are They?
2. That’ll Be Cash, Thank You
3. Map-up World Creation
4. Using StumbleUpon Effectively

–> Interesting Game Master Links
1. D&D Villains
2. Free Diagramming Tool
3. Fractal World Map Generator

Read Issue #370, Random Encounter Tables online.

Issue #371 Alternative Dungeon Environments
–> A Brief Word From Johnn

–> This Week’s Tips:
1. Example Alternative Dungeon – The Swamp
2. Apply The Dungeon Format To Alternative Settings
3. Pick A Location-Based Theme
4. Offer Clear Connectors
5. Other Example Alternative Dungeon Ideas

–> Readers’ Tips Of The Week:
1. Three Levels of NPC Creation
2. Let PCs Set Their Own Traps
3. How To Make Your Players Paranoic
4. Let Rumours Get Misinterpreted
5. World Idea: Spontaneous Genesis
6. Keep Things Interesting: Try Higher Power Levels

Read Issue #371, Alternative Dungeon Environments online.

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