Put Your RPG Reference in your Pocket

Many of us have spreadsheets, text files, documents and so on for our role-playing endeavors regardless of whether we’re a GM or a player.

I thought it would be nice to have a backup plan in case my laptop wasn’t available during a session so I thought I would print out my character’s sheet and the spell list I created for him and I’d be all set. Then I got to thinking, maybe there’s a way I can put all this in a more portable format.

There is a way, it’s called Pocket Mod.

The actual use for Pocket Mod is to allow you to create a disposable planner – you create it and then once it’s used you can throw it away. It’s also portable, it creates a single sheet layout that when folded (with one small cut) creates an eight page booklet.

The best part is that the creator has released a version that will convert PDF files into this format.

Now the tricky part for me as that I couldn’t use the PDF export function in OpenOffice, it is an older engine, so I downloaded and installed doPDF 5 and printed both the character sheet and the spell list (doPDF once installed is used just like an installed printer).

Now I had two files and needed to put then together so I installed PDFill’s Free Tools which allowed me to put the two files together and then I ran it through PDF to Pocket Mod utility and I had wanted I was looking for.

The results, while not the most stellar, accomplished what I was looking for, a portable version of my character with the information I wanted to have with me. Here’s the PDF.

I should point out that all the tools mentioned are Windows based and are freeware.

May your dice roll well.

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