1. I’ve read it, but I really don’t know 3.5 well enough to comment intelligently, to be honest. What I’ve seen, I rather like. Making skills nearly Boolean seems a no-brainer to me. Slimming down the feats and much of combat also seems like good ideas to me.

    I’m also reminded of the many things I like about D&D 3.x. Chief among these is the watering-down of the traditional D&D game-isms, and how this improves my verisimilitude. The races feel even more distinct. I like how dwarves get their sense bonuses to taste and touch, while elves have theirs from sight and sound, and gnomes get bonuses to smell and touch. I love how the domain powers tie the clerics more closely to their gods, and the way you can customize your rogue with talents. The arcane bond of wizards feels wonderfully mystical to me, and calls to mind the way losing your staff pretty much ended a wizardly duel in the Lord of the Rings movies, and how heroes in folklore and sword-and-sorcery stories would strive to steal the evil wizard’s Item of Power to gain the upper hand.

    I’m also reminded why I don’t play D&D 3.x. There’s still a mountain of feats to master, even after the list was paired down. Combat is still more complex than in earlier versions of D&D, and not in the ways I prefer. Magic still reaches to insane levels of power, and still feels, in many respects, like enemy-seeking, shoulder-launched ordinance rather than the mystical energies woven from eldritch formulae and fairie dust.

    Still, all-in-all, it feels like D&D, and it also feels like they’re moving in the right direction. I don’t expect the Pathfinder RPG to become my game of choice, but judging from the first alpha release, I think I’ll be able to enjoy playing it without holding my nose. 😉

    1. Thanks Brian. After posting I checked my email and there was the announcement about the update (never fails does it?). I did take a quick look through the four pages and there really wasn’t anything radically changed but I did note that they are now posting a printer friendly version (white background and lower resolution graphics) which is a nice touch.

      I’m looking forward now to getting some game time in with this system as well as the upcoming alpha releases.

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