Our first night of GURPS

So this past Friday we took the plunge and moved onto GURPS. In the comments for my last post, On to GURPS, Brian said the following:

Keep in mind that playing GURPS is like eating a cow: you never want to down the whole thing at once, and there will almost certainly be bits you never have any interest in consuming. Don’t try to cram the whole thing into your head, ever. Just learn what you need, and move from there.

At the time I agreed with him based on what I had read in the rulebooks but after spending a few hours with my group working up characters I can truly understand where he is coming from.

To build a character you need to understand a fair amount of the system and we did spend a lot of time discussing different options, skills and how things work so that we could begin to make character decisions. During the course of the night I settled into a template character, the Battle Wizard, and started to scope out a character background that would work with the choices I was making regarding the advantages and disadvantages given to me. I do have to say that after working my way through that template I’ve begun to better understand the system and I’m looking forward to a session where we get to some role-playing and roll-playing.

Of course, after going through the Battle Wizard I’m now starting to as that question, “What would happen if I did . . . .” So it looks like I may rework the character a bit, keeping the same concept and role within the group but with my own stamp on the base character.

For those that know GURPS here’s the parameters I’m allowed:

  • Character points – 200
  • Disadvantages – no more that 75 points total, no single mental disadvantage worth more than 15
  • Tech Level is set to 3
  • Work from Basic Characters, Fantasy and Banestorm

I’ll post the character when I get the next version done.

May your dice roll well.

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2 Responses to Our first night of GURPS

  1. Brian Murphy says:

    I think you’ll find the latest edition of the Banestorm book extremely well-edited. 😉

  2. Man. That cow analogy’s got legs, huh?

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