1. FYI. If you are new to GURPS, the GURPS Character Creator is *required* if you’re going to run a long-term campaign. It saves a heckuva lot of boring math when doing character sheets; the auto-calculation of skills (based on stats) alone will save hours over the course of one character’s use. See also SJGames.com & its forums. GCC updates are available in the forums.

    1. Thanks for the software suggestion, I’ll need to look into it. I typically roll my own character sheet using Excel or Open Office Calc so I can avoid all the “boring math.”

      I will have to check out the forums though – as a “newbie” to this system I have a lot of learning (and unlearning) to do before we hit the table for our first session in a week and a half.

  2. Keep in mind that playing GURPS is like eating a cow: you never want to down the whole thing at once, and there will almost certainly be bits you never have any interest in consuming. Don’t try to cram the whole thing into your head, ever. Just learn what you need, and move from there.

    Do you know what the GM wants to run? A character made for Bunnies & Burrows is very different from a Traveller character who is nothing like one made for Transhuman Space. And yeah, it can do light-and-fluffy too, though you need to ignore most of the rules to achieve that effect.

    Do let us know how it goes. I think GURPS is one of the underrated games that doesn’t get nearly the love and play it deserves.

    – Brian

    1. I have to agree with you Brian, there’s a lot there and I’ve already come to the conclusion it’ll take me a while for me to work through just the rules I think I need to know.

      As for the game, while we’re trying on GURPS for size we’re going to stay with a familiar setting – fantasy, good ol’ sword and sorcery. The group as a whole like that flavor but we wanted to try something different mechanics wise as we’ve all begun to feel a bit of burn out with D&D.

      I will post off and on as what I call the “GURPS challenge” goes on, because as you pointed out it is a bit underrated and from what I’ve been able to track down online it could use a bit more press.

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