October 2015 – They’re Gone! The Blog Carnival Wrap Up

rpgblogcarnivallogoI want to thank everyone that shared the strange things that could wander into town during the month of October.

From Tales of the Loreweaver we found ourselves with some Unwelcomed Guests, but I’m not sure how they held up against the Giant Figgin’ Spiders (and Scorpions) from the World Builder Blog.

Our friends at Elthos RPG helped to set the mood, with a post that really sets the tone, and then we found the tale of a time traveler over at The Gaming blog of General Tangent.

I didn’t get many takers on the trivia question, but a few did figure out the MacBeth reference, including Tales of a GM who gave use the (appropriately themed) Midnight Hag – kudos sir.

Rising Phoenix Games warned us of the ooze (or was that the Ghostbusters?) with their Seething Slime which I’m sure would prove a worthy adversary for the Giant Ice Cream Bunny, the second entry from the World Builder Blog (or maybe we should just pass around some spoons).

It seems that scorpions where on the minds of more than one participant, Super Fan Parents brought us Book Scorpions and From the Rice Bowl is a great piece of art to close out the month.

Once again thanks to all those that participated and be sure to catch up with the Carnival over at Campaign Mastery where we’re in for A Stack of Surprises!

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