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If you’ve been a Game Master for a while you’ve most likely come across the site RolePlaying Tips. The site, and the newsletter of the same name, focus on tips and advice specifically geared to Game Masters and I highly recommend it (full disclosure, I was Johnn’s editor for a while).

One of the areas that Johnn is currently focusing on is how Game Masters can organize their materials using software. You might be asking yourself why someone would be looking to a software tool for campaign information management, Johnn gives the following insight from the website:

The solution for me, and maybe you too, is to use software to keep all my campaign notes, tables, ideas and reference materials organized and handy.

Doing this not only keeps you sane, but it will make game prep faster and easier too.

I have to agree with Johnn. The last time I ran a campaign that lasted more than a few sessions I was amazed at how much material I collected. I managed to keep in all corralled in a loose leaf binder but I’m finding using a software tool makes it much easier.

Personally, I’ve chosen Evernote as my tool of choice but it’s important to keep in my that the tool you choose needs to resonate with you. For Johnn that’s MyInfo and I’m looking forward to see how he uses it and how I can adapt what he does to Evernote.

Be sure to check out the course at:

May your dice roll well.

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