1. I buy singles of D&D miniatures and we use those. I like using them because describing an ogre in detail is one thing, but seeing a well crafted figure towering over the “puny” PC miniatures has an awesome effect.

    The best time was when I used Photoshop and some card stock to make a to-scale Gelatinous Cube. This was the first “large” creature my players had seen and the effect was immediate… they were scared and the chattering between them went way up. The best part was that the cube was open on the bottom, so when one of the players got engulfed, I was able to hide their mini inside the cube emphasizing that the poor player was indeed inside the thing. Tension at the table went WAY up 🙂

    One problem is that buying a single can cost alot if it is a rare figure. What I would like to see is minis that are “collectible” for use in the miniature game, and then separate ones that are widely available and cheap for role playing. They could make them different (like a red base or something) so they couldn’t be used in the mini-game.

  2. No minis here. We started using them in college, when the PCs started getting henchmen and followers and it was getting difficult to keep track of everyone. Now I play with much smaller groups over chat online. It’s just easier to do without, and rely on description and that sort of thing. I also usually don’t play 3.5, either, however, and that might make a difference.

    – Brian

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