Let the Fireballs Fly

So after a couple of sessions dealing with character generation we finally started up our GURPS campaign and it felt good to be back playing again.

For those that read my last post (Our first night of GURPS) you may recall that I was considering changing my character, a Battle Mage, out but after consideration I decided to stick with him as I thought it would be a good idea ot get some game time in and understand a bit more about the system before I make a major change.

The session was a bit slow going when we first started which tends to happen with any new campaign especially with a new system, and new characters. We also swamped out Game Masters this time around as well so we had some adjustments to make there as well – nothing serious just a different style. An interesting side note, our current GM was the only one at the table without a laptop proving that you can indeed game without one.

On the whole it was an enjoyable evening and it helped me get a better feel of the game. I do feel that some areas like the active defenses instead of a static defense were initially difficult to work into the flow of the game but once we got comfortable playing (our group as been D&D and d20 for 10+ years) seemed second nature. The magic system was also a nice change, no more prep work just select the spell and cast – as long as you still have the ability to (stinking fatigue points). I did managee to shoot off a fireball or two during the session, interesting mechanic, roll vs. the spell skill to cast and then roll to hit – nothing is automatic.

While I’m not a convert at this point I will say that I’m willing to give GURPS some more time as I think once you master the rules you need to understand the game can be quite enjoyable.

May your dice roll well!

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