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In issue #372 of Role-playing Tips, 5 Room Dungeons + Contest Johnn introduces us to his concept of laying out a dungeon with just five rooms. Even for those of you who do not play in a system that uses dungeons the concept is valid, just replace dungeon with building, spacecraft or your venue of choice.

Also be sure to check out the contest he’s running for those that would like to come up with five room dungeon ideas and share them with the readership.

There’s also a couple of reader tips, in particular I would recommend checking out the second one Easy Method For Creating Objectives.


–> A Brief Word From Johnn

–> This Week’s Tips:
1. Why Do I Like 5 Room Dungeons?
2. Room One: Entrance and Guardian
3. Room Two: Puzzle or Roleplaying Challenge
4. Room Three: Trick or Setback
5. Room Four: Climax, Big Battle, or Conflict
6. Room Five: Reward, Revelation, Plot Twist
7. Example 5 Room Dungeon – Library of the Ancients

–> Readers’ Tips Of The Week:
1. Cyberpunk Resources
2. Easy Method For Creating Objectives

You can read Issue #372 online here.

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May your dice roll well.

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