Filling the Empty Chair [Review]

It happens to all of us, we move, our friends move, college ends, the list goes on and it always leads to that most dreaded of all opponents at the gaming table . . . .

The empty chair.

To slay just that opponent I would suggested heading over to and picking up a copy of Johnn Four’s most recent ebook – Filling the Empty Chair.

I’ve had a opportunity to read the ebook and I have to say there is a bit of something for everyone looking to find gamers in their area, or online.

Johnn opens the book with an explanation of why he wrote the book and then dives into a rather lengthy collection of online resources you can use to find gamers. He’s taken the time to rank them based on results and has included a bit of information about each one. I’ve been to a number of the sites in the past and he managed to find a few I hadn’t seen before so even if you’ve been around awhile you will most likely find a new resource here.

Johnn then follows it up with a 28 offline ideas for finding players. It’s not just a listing of ideas but also suggestions on how to go about creating them (such as business cards) but also where and how to use them. I’ll have to admit I hadn’t thought of some of them before and if I am in a position to have to rebuild my group I may just give some of them a try.

After going through the various resources and tips on finding players Johnn spends a few pages on putting together the “perfect online profile” and the advice does ring true. To quote:

The perfect online profile is not about you. It’s about them.

and he’s right – take the time to really look at what you’re putting out there for a profile, it might just help you find the players you’re looking for.

All in all this is a good resource, check it out for yourself at Filling the Empty Chair – it’s $7 and if you register it afterward you’ll get free updates to it as well.

May your dice roll well.

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  1. Johnn says:

    Thanks for the review, Scott!

  2. Johnn says:

    minus one t – hit submit too soon. 🙂

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