1. Great article. I have some questions I would like opinions on…
    If the outcome of a rule “discussion” is going to effect something major (i.e. a PC might die), should you allow more time for arguments to be made? Should you err on the side of letting the PC live? What if you make a ruling that kills the PC and find out later you were wrong?

    I know all of these depend on the actual situation, but I’m still interested in opinions on the general case.

  2. I will always allow more discussion time if the ruling would have a significant impact on the party. The important thing to keep in mind during the discussions is that you, as the GM, are in charge and that you need to keep the conversation constructive. The biggest issue you’ll have is keeping yourself from getting upset as there is a tendency to let your emotions enter into the equation. If the discussion gets too heated call for a break, call it a night and pull out a boardgame but do something to get folks away from the topic as the more upset they get the more likely things will start to get personal and that’s something you’ll want to avoid.

    As for PC death – I’m going to hold off on commenting, not because I don’t want to but because I think that’s a topic a lot of folks would be interested in and want to address that in a posting as opposed to a comment response.

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