1. I use my laptop to GM. I use software to track player stats and equipment, maps & notes, battles, SRD, sometimes sounds effects. I find it invaluable.

    It was a bit of a pain when I was a player and the only one with the laptop… I was ALWAYS the one that had to look up rules and such for clarification. Got annoying when I was trying to focus on spell preparation or what not.

    One thing I do recommend is that if you do use some kind of online reference (in game or not), the GM should set an “order of precedence”.If there is ever a discrepancy between an online rule and a rule printed in a book, we ruled that the book takes precedence. This seems obvious, but by laying this rule down you can avoid alot of possible arguments.

  2. These days, the computer usually *is* my gaming table.

    While my wife and I were doing the long-distance dating thing, we began playing a solo game of AD&D online. It was great! As I’d found while gaming via computer chat before, it’s much easier to slip into character, players are much more amenable to detailed descriptions, and you have a record of the adventure that anyone can look back on later. Frankly, while I still enjoy gaming around a table, gaming online with text chat is now my preferred style.

    – Brian

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