Guess who’s 10? Happy (belated) Birthday of Dice and Dragons!

Happy 10th Birthday of Dice and Dragons!Wow, 10 years, has it been that long?

Yes, it really has. To be honest we’re nearly two months into our tenth year here at of Dice and Dragons and while we missed the “big one” with an end of the year post it seems only fitting that the day passed quietly with reflection.

Ten years ago on December 23, 2005, the very first post went live with just a ‘The beginning‘ as the title. It was a quiet affair and to be honest, as stats weren’t that important at the time, I don’t think there were more than ten hits that day. There was no way of knowing that despite the various ups and downs that the blog would still be here and being viewed by an ever growing audience. Over the years there have been posts about all manner of things from using multicolored dice, to index cards, and of course the now annual tradition of hosting the RPGBA Blog Carnival in October.

Yes, it has been an interesting ten years and over the last few months I’ve given some thought to where we are now and the direction things are going to go in the future.

First and foremost, the blog isn’t going anywhere. With that said, it’s not going to be the same either. One of the things that I’ve come to realize is that while I enjoy gaming and writing the occasional piece, the online community that we are all a part of needs a hole filled and I’m hoping to help with that.

As many are aware I’ve been a proponent of the RPGBA and what I always felt the mission was, to help promote gaming blogs and discover resources, or “hidden gems,” online. Over the last year I, with the help of others, have kept a spark of that mission alive. There’s a Google+ Community devoted to it, those that follow the twitter feed here get a taste of what was as I try to fill it with posts from around the web, and the Blog Carnival carries on thanks to the work of Johnn Four over at

Yes, we’ve kept the spark alive but I think it’s now time for this site to step up and move things to the next level.

What does this mean exactly?

First, there will be at least one dedicated page to the RPGBA. While the Google+ Community is definitely a great sounding board for those involved it is, unfortunately, like singing to the choir. In order for us to grow as a group and extend our reach we need something that can be readily found and used as a springboard for other Alliance resources.

Second, there will be posts here highlighting what others are writing. Yes, I will still be writing the occasional piece but let’s face it, not everyone has the same reach for their material and if I can help, even just a little bit, I feel I should. Fair warning on this one, what I may post may not be the latest and greatest from a site but it will be something that I feel is worthy of sharing. Now, I’m not sure if this will mean a single post a week, multiple posts a day, or something in between, it’s something that natural rhythm (and time) will find.

Third, and this is by far one of the largest shifts for the site, I’ve dropped the advertisements (you may have noticed this already). I’ve been running them for a long time and to be honest they never really lived up to the hype and even I’m beginning to find them annoying. Unfortunately I still have to pay for everything (and I keep being asked if the site is paying for itself) so I will be looking at what many others have done, a Patreon campaign. I haven’t decided on the particulars yet but will be passing them on as soon as I figure it all out. I’m only hoping with the changes that are being made here you’ll find it worthy.

Fourth, the site needs some cleaning up. A lot of what you see now has been around since the dawn of time or added on in the hopes that it would address a perceived need. So, in addition to the cleaning up of posts, the whole site will be given a once over, including some new graphics (I hope).

Finally, I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all of you, my readers, the ones that keep coming back, the ones that drop the occasional comment, retweet something, and even, on occasion, drop an email. YOU are the reason I’m still here trying to make sense of it all and I’m hopeful that we’ll be enjoying the next ten years together.

May your dice roll well.

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October 2015 – They’re Gone! The Blog Carnival Wrap Up

rpgblogcarnivallogoI want to thank everyone that shared the strange things that could wander into town during the month of October.

From Tales of the Loreweaver we found ourselves with some Unwelcomed Guests, but I’m not sure how they held up against the Giant Figgin’ Spiders (and Scorpions) from the World Builder Blog.

Our friends at Elthos RPG helped to set the mood, with a post that really sets the tone, and then we found the tale of a time traveler over at The Gaming blog of General Tangent.

I didn’t get many takers on the trivia question, but a few did figure out the MacBeth reference, including Tales of a GM who gave use the (appropriately themed) Midnight Hag – kudos sir.

Rising Phoenix Games warned us of the ooze (or was that the Ghostbusters?) with their Seething Slime which I’m sure would prove a worthy adversary for the Giant Ice Cream Bunny, the second entry from the World Builder Blog (or maybe we should just pass around some spoons).

It seems that scorpions where on the minds of more than one participant, Super Fan Parents brought us Book Scorpions and From the Rice Bowl is a great piece of art to close out the month.

Once again thanks to all those that participated and be sure to catch up with the Carnival over at Campaign Mastery where we’re in for A Stack of Surprises!

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By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes – 2015 October RPG Blog Carnival

of Dice and Dragons - Something wicked this way comes

Update: The October Carnival is over, be sure to catch the wrap up article before you leave.

Welcome friends, it’s October and that can only mean one thing, the RPG Blog Carnival has arrived once again!

In past years we’ve sought out those spooky spots that the local towns folks like to avoid and talked about things that go bump in the night which kept you awake until morning.

This year there’s no escape as it will be coming to seek you out as the wicked come to you!

Instead of a house on the haunted hill, or that unexplained sound in the dark, it’s something that just may come to your door.

So share the tale of that wandering witch, the peddler that always seems to know just a bit too much, or the carnival with the many strange performers that’s come to town (sound familiar?).

Remember, it’s the month of All Hallow’s Eve, when the barrier between the worlds can be easily passed.

rpgblogcarnivallogoIf you decide to share a tale (or two, or three) be sure to link back to this post after your article goes live (adding a comment doesn’t hurt either) so all can enjoy it and I can include it in the wrap-up after I’ve run out of treats for the kids.




I’ll leave you with this trailer from 1983 Ray Bradbury movie, Something Wicked This Way Comes, to help inspire you.

I’m looking forward to seeing what I need to keep out of my town.

May your dice roll well!

Bonus points: The title of this blog post is a quote – from where? And it’s not the movie.

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July 2015 Blog Carnival: Sheathing the Weapons

rpgblogcarnivallogoThe RPGBA Carnival moved on long ago (if you’re quick you catch up with it over at Creative Mountain Games) but the wrap up here never got posted. You have my apology for that so without further ado, here’s the wrap up of the legendary posts written for the Weapons of Legend carnival.

In the order they came in:

The Catholics had some pretty cool +1 swords – a partial listing of some interesting and powerful Catholic weapons. Have to give bonus points for Spear of Destiny inclusion.

Weapons of Legend in the Summerlands – a couple of weapons that come from the mythology of the Polynesian Islands – Jawbone of Maui and Tokotoko-tai (Longstaff of the Sea).

The Real Swords of Findalay – not one, not two, but five swords included in this package, did I forget to mention they’re all intelligent? Be sure to pick up a copy of the PDF while you’re there.

Death Metal – What do you get when you listen to heavy metal music and play RPGs? You get the Death Metal sword and a sudden urge to form a mosh pit.

The Legend of Betrayal’s Tear – “Yes, this is an absurdly powerful legendary weapon.” Yes, that’s a direct quote from the posting. A wonderful sword to be wielded and a great write up of its history.

Gymir’s Tooth – Another non-sword entry, one of very few. There’s an interest back story to this dwarven made warhammer, and it’ll make your hero a bane of dragonkind.

The Tuesday Sundries – RPG Blog Carnival – Weapons of Legend – Comments on a sword so powerful in Grymvald it can alter time.

Rothubel, the Lucky – A thought experiment over at Leicester’s Ramble and makes for a good read. It’s the story of Rothubel, a sword, and its journey on the way to becoming legendary.

Golden Zenith – Another entry from Summerland and this time a long bow. The post includes the history and a variety of powers that the bow has.

RPG Blog Carnival: Weapons of Legend: Gretzky’s Staff – An interesting staff and one that I’m sure to many will feel familiar somehow . . . .

RPG Blog Carnival: Weapons of Legend: Ahab’s Crosshairs – And now for something completely different, a laser rifle – yes you read that right, a laser rifle. It is the only item it that particular category, be sure to check it out.

Harbinger of Doom – Brandes shared some interesting tidbits about Named and Living Weapons in Dust to Dust and is definitely worth taking a look at.

Ganister’s Stones – You remember the lowly sling? You know that weapon that no one ever really wanted to use but had anyway. That might have been different if they had a pouch full of stones like these.

I hope I managed to catch everyone on this round up – again my apology for getting it out so late.

May your dice roll well!

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