October 2013 Blog Carnival: Spooky Spots!

rpgblogcarnivallogoUPDATE: The Carnival has closed, thanks to those that contributed. Be sure to check out the wrap-up post with links to all the blogs and posts.

This month of Dice and Dragons is hosting the RPG Bloggers’ Carnival and in honor of Halloween, we’re traveling to Spooky Spots!

What is a spooky spot? It’s a place that can give you that uneasy feeling of being watched, that place where you always seem to get a shiver, or always seems warm, even in the dead of winter.

Many of us remember these from our childhood:

  • that odd spot in a grave yard
  • the house that no one would go near
  • the short cut that you ran through as a kid
  • that chair in the corner at Aunt Mabel’s house

So what am I’m looking for in the posts this month? Take a spot and make it spooky and try to include the following:

  • A physical description of the spot – you can be as descriptive as you want or go minimal like I do
  • Why is it a ‘spooky spot?’ – odd sounds, odd feelings, be creative!
  • Share the history of the spot – it became a spooky spot for a reason, why?
  • Adventure hook – here’s where you tie it to a game, why would a group of adventures want to check it out? Is there a real threat or is it just an old wives’ tale?

Remember, we’re looking for a spooky spot, try to keep it small and localized – while I enjoy a good Bermuda Triangle type area I’m really looking for things you could drop into an existing campaign without much effort.

After you write you post be sure to link back to this one and feel free to drop a note in the comments as well so everyone can check out what you’ve written. After the festivities of All Hallows Eve is over I’ll post a caldron full of the articles that were shared.

So let your inner devil come out and share that spot where your cast of characters can get spooked!

May your bones roll well!

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29 Responses to October 2013 Blog Carnival: Spooky Spots!

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  3. Krazy Ivan says:
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  6. Thank’ee kindly for the prompt 🙂

    I’ve posted a spot template over at:
    that’s hopefully useful to someone, somewhere

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  8. Mike says:

    Campaign Mastery’s submission to the Blog Carnival is now online: A cemetary that follows the PCs wherever they go… The Remembrance Of The Disquiet Dead: A Spooky Spot and Campaign Premise

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  13. Kevin says:

    Great idea for the month.
    Its been a while since I participated in one of these, so I decided to go for the creepy hat-trick and provide a trio of spooky spots for the carnival:

    The Well
    The Cellar
    The Attic Stairs

    Hope they meet with your approval and provide inspiration for a horror themed game.

  14. rpgprattle says:

    Thank you fr the prompt, here is an Edge of the Empire themed spooky place…



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  16. phil894 says:

    Hi Scot,

    My first ever contribution to the Carnival is now uploaded to Tales of a GM at


    Just new at this, but I enjoyed the challenge of writing to a brief.

    Many thanks

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