Check out the 2017 December RPG Blog Carnival

This month the RPG Blog Carnival travels over to Pitfalls & Pixies for It’s in a Book.

Hurry now, I hear the fire is warm, there’s a cup of cheer, and a story to hear!

May your dice roll well!

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The RPG Blog Carnival has a new Box Office

The RPG Blog Carnival has a new box office!

While the Blog Carnival moves from place to place each month, there needs to be a central location, or “Box Office,” where everyone can go to find out what’s going on. For the last three years, Johnn Four, of Roleplaying Tips fame has been the keeper of the keys, and has, in my opinion done an outstanding job – a round of applause please!

A few months back Johnn announced that he needed to pass the torch and we are now ushering in a new era for the Carnival, as the box office has moved to its new home, right here at of Dice and Dragons. It is my hope that I can do half as good a job has Johnn has and hopefully continue to grow and improve things as we move forward.

So please, take a moment to update your links to the new home so those searching for it can hopefully find it and I’m looking forward to working with everyone in this community and reading all the great articles that are bound to be written.

May your dice roll well!

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October 2017 Blog Carnival: Superstitions – The Wrap-up

The Carnival has moved on but for those that missed it, or want to check out one of the many contributors we had last month, I give you the quick “the wrap-up.”

Be sure to check out the November Carnival over at Campaign Mastery, The Past Revisited – Nov 2017 Blog Carnival.

May your dice roll well!

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October 2017 Blog Carnival – Superstitions!


UPDATE: The Carnival has moved on, if you missed it you can catch up by reading the wrap-up

It’s October, when the spooks, sprites, and darker things come out at night, and the RPG Blog Carnival stops by to set up shop for the month at of Dice and Dragons! Welcome, all!

This time around we’re going to talk superstitions!

We’ve all heard that finding a four leaf clover is good luck, as is a horseshoe hanging in a ‘U’ shape. Of course, crossing the path of a black cat or walking under a ladder all lead to bad luck (and don’t get me started on that whole breaking a mirror thing!). You’ve probably heard and have taken part of many over your lifetime, now’s your chance to share them with the world.

What to participate? Take a few minutes and write up a blog post about a superstition in your campaign world, or, one that your players follow to try and bring the characters a bit of luck. If you don’t have one of either type, make one up and be sure to include its origin.

As always, be sure to comment here with a link to your post and be sure to watch for the round up in November!

Don’t forget to check out the RPGBA Carnival home site right here at with links to all the past carnivals for you to enjoy. There’s a lot of great stuff there.

And please, don’t open that umbrella inside.

May your dice roll well!

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