The future of the RPG Blog Alliance

As many are aware, Google+ is closing its doors and with it the community that we were using as the base for the RPG Blog Alliance (RPGBA) will be going with it. As the “keeper of the keys” so to speak I’ve been giving this some serious thought and feel that it’s time to morph things a bit which I hope will improve the RPGBA going forward.

The first and largest step is to give the RPGBA a home on the open internet again. Now there are a lot of ways to accomplish this and I’ve decided to take a position similarly to what we’ve done with the RPG Blog Carnival – create a central hub we can work off of and then, should the need arise, a new keeper can assume things but simply moving the hub to a location that they can administer.

The new hub for the RPGBA will be located here at of Dice and Dragons, you can find it in the menu at the top of the site right now or directly link to it at:

If you head over to the page now it will give you some information as well as links about where you can find RPGBA member postings via RSS feeds and social media.

There’s still more information to come, including how to join the RPGBA and stay on our active rolls (there are a lot of blogs that have unfortunately shut down or haven’t been updated in months or years).

Please spread the word, and share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below. The RPGBA is a community,  it’s not just about me, it’s about all of us, helping each other and expanding the reach our of hobby and community.

May your dice roll well!


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The RPG Blog Carnival Wants You!

Have you ever considered being a host for the RPG Blog Carnival? Well, now’s the time as signups have opened for the 2019 Carnival season!

Checkout the RPG Blog Carnival page to read up on what you would need to do as a host (hint: it’s not a lot) and then click the link below to head over to the signup page. (This links to a Google webform.)

Update: All the slots for 2019 are currently filled, but don’t let that stop you from signing up! It’s always nice to have folks that are willing to host when we have someone need to drop out during the course of the year.

Please note that any and all information you provide via that form will only be used for the administation of the Carnival.

May your dice roll well!


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Character death, resurrection, and the undead – October 2018 RPG Blog Carnival

It’s October, that means goblins, ghouls, the occasional undead, and a trip to of Dice and Dragons! In what has become an annual tradition for the RPG Carnival, of Dice and Dragons is once again hosting the macabre this month.

The topic for this month’s carnival is how you handle character death, both as a game master and as a player. Are they a moment of legend or a quiet passing moment? Do you allow character resurrrection, and if so, how do you handle it (outside of the game mechanics)? Then of course, there’s always those that come back as the unholy undead, “Wait a minute, I though Ulric was dead? Why is he walking towards us?”

So, sharpen your swords, get out your silver, and holy water, and share your stories and tips and tricks on how you handle death in your campaign.

As always, once you get your post up be sure to leave a comment here so you can be included in the wrap up at the end of the month.

Don’t forget to check out the RPGBA Carnival home site right here at with links to all the past carnivals for you to enjoy. There’s a lot of great stuff there.

May your dice roll well!

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Congrats to Stargazer’s World 10th Anniversary!

While there are a lot of great RPG related blogs out there and I’ve missed a few of these milestones across the web I wanted to take a moment and congratulate Stargazer on leveling up to the next die level – welcome to the d10 club!

Be sure to take a few minutes to stop by and read the post marking this occasion and leave a comment.

Congrats Stargazer and I wish you many more years.

May your dice roll well!

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