October 2016 Blog Carnival – Potions!


It’s October and as the goblins and ghouls begin to spend more time out and about of Dice and Dragons welcomes back the RPGBA Blog Carnival.

This year the topic of choice is POTIONS!

So break open your cauldrons or your chemistry set and share your favorite concoctions, recipes and let’s try not to singe our eyebrows.

Do you have a favorite potion? A memorable quest for that last needed component? A story of a potion gone wrong? This is the month to share those stories, tips, and tricks (it is the month of All Hallow’s Eve after all).

When you get your post done, be sure to drop by here and post a comment so that everyone else can enjoy. As always there will be a wrap-up post shortly after the end of the month in case you miss anything.

rpgblogcarnivallogoDon’t forget to check out the RPGBA Carnival home site over at Roleplayingtips.com with links to all the past carnivals for you to enjoy. There’s a lot of great stuff there.

So grab your ‘scale of dragon, and tooth of wolf,’ and share your favorite tale.

May your dice roll well.

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21 Responses to October 2016 Blog Carnival – Potions!

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  2. Vance says:

    Thanks for the idea – here ya go – “temperamental potions”


  3. Vance says:

    One more – some meditation on the corruption or contamination or potions….


  4. Aaron B says:

    Cranked out a post tying potions with patent medicine for Fate – http://doomrides.blogspot.com/2016/10/rpg-blog-carnival-potions-and-patent.html

  5. Philmagpie says:

    HI Scot,

    Great choice for the topic. A lot of the basics of potions are covered elsewhere, so I decided to explore the potions found in Summerland: flower potions. My article presents four small tables to detail the flowery potions used by the summer fae:


    Happy Gaming

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  7. Campaign Mastery’s entry (and a preview/anchor for next month’s preview) can be found at http://www.campaignmastery.com/blog/carnival-anchor-nov-2016/

  8. How about a table where you can randomly determine what plants are found as a group travels and forages?

    1 – 2 : Beorunnair’s Cure All (Stems of the plant) – +10 Cure Disease Check or advantage/ +2 Healing/Boiled Tea
    3 : Feverbalm (Flowers) – Cure insanity (1d10 uses)/Boiled Tea
    4 : Ghostroot (Root) – Repel Undead, 1d3 rounds / Eat Raw
    5 : Mother’s Leaf – Leaves : Cure Disease +30% (or advantage)/Boiled Tea
    6 : Spellshield – Berries : +1 vs. spells (1/day), Eaten Raw
    7 – 8 : True Root : Cure Poison (+40%), Cooked
    9 – 10 : Wound Wort- Small Plant – +1d4HP Cured – Poutice

    Use your own descriptions to describe the plants…

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