Need an NPC? Get your copy of 3 Line NPCs

rpt_logo_nourl_transparent_85x902If you’re like many Game Masters you want to fill your world with memorable characters. Those characters that stick in the minds of your players long after the campaign is over and the PCs have been put away (my group will never forget Pix, but that’s another story).

Sometimes trying to fill in all those gaps you can draw a blank and that’s where this book can come in handy.

Johnn Four, you know, that guy over at Roleplaying Tips, has just released his latest product, Three Line NPCs. The book is full of NPCs and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It also includes Johnn’s system for creating the NPCs in the book as well as his tips on using NPCs and then there is what Johnn calls, “7-headed hydra of killer NPC generation tables.”

Sound good? If so then you should take a moment and grab a copy here.

Johnn always puts out a good product and this one is no different.

May your dice roll well.

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