Encounter Idea No. 6 – The abandoned vehicle

Regardless of which role-playing system you play there is always some mode of transportation that can be abandoned; wagon, car, hovercraft, or motorcycle to name just a few.

There are many ways to use this as a jump off point for an encounter:

– The vehicle’s owner approaches as the party is looking it and accuses them of stealing it
– There’s a body inside the vehicle, maybe someone the party knows or has been looking for
– It’s a drop point for ‘shady’ deals, e.g. leave the coin and then come back in 24 hours for ‘the stuff’
– The party realizes that the vehicle was in the previous day’s news and there is a reward for its return

Have you every used an abandoned vehicle as a jump off point? I’d like to hear about it, please post a note or two.

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2 Responses to Encounter Idea No. 6 – The abandoned vehicle

  1. Anthony D says:

    I used a horse with battle armor near a river whose rider, the knight and lord of the nearest village decided to drown himself instead of carrying out the orders of a corrupt official. The party was very wary of the horse and vice versa, but eventually they found the knight’s body still upright in the river in full armor and realized what had happened

    • Scot Newbury says:

      Great idea, not only does it use the essence of my idea it also provides a number of plot hooks for the players – may have to “steal” this one for myself.

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