Encounter Idea 26 – The Crusader

Mention the term crusader and visions of knights in shining armor and the battles over Jerusalem come to mind. In fact the movie Kingdom of Heaven
showed that very stereo-type.

Of course if that’s what you’re going for then by all means use it but as I’ve often stated in this series – you don’t have to do what’s expected.

A crusader is simply someone that’s on a crusade which can be defined as “A vigorous concerted movement for a cause or against an abuse.” as stated at Answers.com – so who’s to say that it has to be a knight, or even a warrior for that matter?

Also keep in mind that with the above definition it’s pretty easy to come up with some interesting twists which could make for some good role-playing sessions.

Remember as well that causes typically have multiple proponents (as well as opponents).

Here are a few ideas that you can use:

– An anti-magic group who are opposed to all magic as it is “evil.” The players could be targeted as “evil-doers” or get recruited by those opposed to the laws this group is trying to pass.
– A wizard on a crusade to better the lives of all by casting spells, free of charge. The players could be benefactors of this or be called upon to “teach this upstart a lesson!” Then again maybe they come to the aid of one side or the other during an altercation.
– The party is pulled into a growing war between wizards and clerics who each believe that their magic is the only true magic and the other should be wiped out.

If you’re running a more modern campaign just take a look at the new headlines for all sorts of ideas.

– Those opposed/for a conflict in another country
– Those opposed/for capital punishment
– Those opposed/for the rights of any particular group (race, social class, etc.)

As always I’d like to hear from you and get your thoughts on using The Crusader in your gaming sessions.

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