Encounter Idea 17 – The Mercenary

Regardless of the role-playing system you play, no matter the genre or time there are always those that live by hiring themselves out to do the “dirty work” of others. Sometimes it is service in the military, a elite unit, or just a job where their skills are the ones needed. This encounter could present an opportunity to pass along information or as the seed for an adventure.

Keep in mind that mercenaries do not have to be the “fighter” type; change things up with a wizard or a holy man. Making that change should cause a fair amount of interesting conversation especially if you turn the stereo-types on their side.

So, what can you use this encounter for:

– The mercenary is looking for work and heard the party may be looking to hire someone on
– While enjoying a mug of their favorite ale, the party overhears the mercenary telling tales to those that will buy him another round and will gladly do so for the party as well (great for dropping adventure hooks to the party)
– The mercenary is pulling a team together to handle an assignment and based on their reputation thinks the party would be a good fit
– The party is sitting at their favorite inn and the mercenary stumbles in, bloody from battle and looking for other to help him “finish the job”

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