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SMS and Evernote For Capturing On The Run

If you do a little digging you’ll find no shortage of apps you can use on your smartphone to capture ideas, in fact I mentioned a few myself in this post a while back. But, what if you don’t have … Continue reading

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5 Reasons I chose Evernote for Campaign Management

┬áIn my recent post Getting Organized to Create My New Campaign I mentioned that I was planning on using Evernote as my tool for organizing my materials. I’m sure more than a few folks scratched their heads and thought “why … Continue reading

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Five Tools for Creating While on the Run

In the recent edition of the Roleplaying Tips Weekly E-Zine (#456 Stress-Free Gaming and Time and Character Advancement in PbEM) there was a reader tip submitted title Creating While Commuting which discussed using a 3G enabled phone to create the … Continue reading

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