What? No 4e Post?

Last Friday the latest incarnation of D&D was released, the 4th edition, which was followed on Saturday with Worldwide D&D Game Day 2008 when a lot of folks got to take it for a test drive.

So how come I didn’t post about it? Well, first off there are a lot of other bloggers out there that did post about it and I would recommend checking out (if you haven’t already) Gnome Stew’s A GM’s First Impressions of D&D 4e:Looks like Fun as well as Chatty DM’s Game Day post Playing 4e: Initial Thoughts.

The other reason why you didn’t see a post here was the simple fact that I didn’t run out and get a copy of the books – that’s right, I didn’t buy the books. Now I know that that may come to a shock to some but from where I stand I just couldn’t bring myself to do it primarily because my group currently has no plans to move to 4e.

How will this impact what I do here at of Dice and Dragons? That’s hard to say as I’m taking a hard look at why I’m blogging and what I’m blogging about (I know, more self reflection after the Realms postmortem maybe I need professional help). I’ll have a post up concerning those questions and where this blog is going soon.

With that I’ll leave all of you that are moving to 4e to your rule books, those that are GMs to your plotting – I mean planning – and to those that run PCs to your dreams of large treasure hoards.

May your dice roll well.

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  1. ScottM says:

    Mostly the same boat here; while I’ll probably pick them up before too long (just out of curiosity), the group’s opinion is negative and unlikely to change soon.

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