Use a Wiki for your Gaming Group

The folks over at Gnome Stew posted today about using a Wiki for your gaming group in their post: Group Lovin’ For Your Wiki. After covering the basics of what a wiki is they dive into the uses for your campaign and start by addressing one of the main strengths of a wiki, documentation.

As they point out items such as background information, house rules, stats, sessions notes and character journals are all excellent uses for a wiki but the real power is when the group collaborates on these items.

Getting a group to work together on session notes would allow them to have greater depth and detail as well as allow all the players’ viewpoints be expressed. I used a newsletter for my last campaign but it contained only my viewpoint (from the GM chair) which while good could have been better with others contributing to it.

The other major boon to collaborative work for a gaming group, which is also covered, is world building.

During the initial stages of The Realms of Rylon, my home grown campaign I asked my players to come up with background information and I did receive it to varying degrees but one of my players came up with a whole culture and history for his particular clan of kobolds. It was great, NPCs, maps, and interactions with other nearby locations were outlined and while I had it all in front of me the others at the table weren’t able to readily access it. I can only imagine what other ideas could have been spawned from those pages if I had used a wiki at that stage – it did come later but it would have been much more useful at the beginning.

Be sure to take a moment and give their post a read – it’s well worth it.

May your dice roll well.

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