October 2013 Blog Carnival: Spooky Spots! The Wrap-up

rpgblogcarnivallogoThe goblins and ghouls have retreated, the cleric has blessed the unholy ground and the realms sleep soundly thinking they’re safe . . . . .

I want to thank all that participated in the very first blog carnival hosted here at of Dice and Dragons. It was a fun experience for me and while the stumbled a bit getting out of the gate there were plenty of posts to go around.

There’s No Place Like Home was the opening submission from Elthos RPG and no, it wasn’t about a pair of ruby slippers or flying monkeys, but a rather spooky experience.

From there we traveled to Rose Corner submitted by Red Dice Diaries. In the post we learned about a certain street corner, a man rushing home, and the tragedy that befell him. A cautionary tale.

Krazy Ivan’s RPG Emporium then introduced us to The Hospital Room. Many stories are told of things that are not quite right with hospitals and this one is no exception. I would suggest asking for a room other than 447.

After visiting the hospital we took a quick trip down the street to the entry by Shades of the Game, The House of Coffee. The posting here gives the template for the spooky spot and some options for the GM on how to use it in their campaign.

Campaign Mastery then chimed in with, The Remembrance Of The Disquiet Dead: A Spooky Spot and Campaign Premise. This entry covers not only a spooky spot, but it also gives some great variations on why it is not only spooky but also ways you can use it in your campaign.

From three variations to three spooky spots, KORPG Games gave us a trio of spots. The Well, The Cellar, and finally The Attic Stairs, all give you a place you recognize and why it’s now spooky.

At this point things took a turn. and went not only skyward but to the future. RPG Prattle‘s entry is set in Star Wars:Edge of Empire where we discovered the Vector, an Imperial research ship. The setting is far removed from the previous spots, but there’s rumors of zombies, and remember, no one can hear you scream in space.

We came back to ground then and found the Pillbox at the Crossroads, the entry from Tales of a GM. This posting covers what a pillbox is, how it can be made scary and menacing and closes with some suggestions on how to use them in your campaign.

The final spooky spot was my own contribution, The Clearing in the Woods. The post gives you and overview of the clearing and then a couple of ideas you can use in your campaign.

As special thanks to Board Enterprises who contributed a pair of posts on Zombies tackling if they are tough and giving a campaign idea. While the posts didn’t fit the spooky spot theme they do cover zombies, and after all, they can be used in any spooky spot.

There you have it, 11 spooky spots and a pair of zombie articles, thanks again to all that participated and made the first carnival here enjoyable.

What? You need more carnival goodness? Check out the November Carnival, Gunpowder, Treason and Plots! being hosted by Nearly Enough Dice, there are sure to be more good reads there.

May your dice roll well.

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