Encounter Idea No. 9 – The Tinker

My apologies for not getting out a role-playing encounter idea last week so this week we’ll have two! Here’s the first for this week and #9 overall – The Tinker.

A tinker is actually a traveling man who is typcially looking for work – odd jobs fixing things mainly. The term is what those that are settled in a community would call them, in their own groups they call themselves Travellers.

The nice thing about using a Tinker for an encounter is that they would fit in any role-playing system because nearly every environment and time has a place for them. From the outer realms of a space opera to the dusty roads travelled by your favorite knight to the side alleys of the present day you can find a tinker – but how could this be used for an encounter?

– They approach the party asking to repair something for them
– They ask the party to help collect payment on a completed repair
– They give the party a device as a ‘gift’
(GMs take note! This is a great way to kick-off a whole adverture.)
– Asks the party to travel with them while to collect the parts needed to fix something else

The ideas are really limitless – I’d like to hear yours as well.

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