Encounter Idea No. 8 – The Ronin

The Ronin by definition is a masterless samurai and every role-playing game/setting has some varience on the theme.

– The gun for hire in the old west (think The Magnificent Seven)
– The ship’s captain looking to hire out his ship (think Han Solo in Star Wars)
– The vigilante of the modern day (think Daredevil)

Now the typcial way of using this individual is to have them confront the party and let the dice fly, but what if . . .

– The Ronin has lost his sight and is wandering aimlessly asking others to help him
– He’s a fake. He has no fighting skill at all and has been living off the legend of another.
– He’s not a warrior at all. I play D&D more than any other system and a wizard or sorcerer makes for a nice change of pace here.

Be sure to consider the possibility that this Ronin is embracing the ‘educated’ side of his personality and is seeking knowledge and wisdom and would prefer to talk instead of fight.

What are your thoughts? Feel free to leave your comments.

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