Encounter Idea No. 7 – The upset parent (missing child)

This week’s entry into our role-playing encounter ideas topic is – the upset parent.

A few weeks back I posted an idea concerning a runaway and as anyone who’s watched the news, when a child runs away or goes missing there’s an upset parent as well.

The party could be approached by a parent who is asking to see if they’ve seen their missing little one and see where the discussion goes. Other ideas are:

– The party sees a poster about a reward for finding the child and go to check it out
– The parent points them out to local law enforcement and the party is now wanted for questioning about the disappearance
– While at the local tavern/pub/watering hole the party witnesses the parent being removed from the establishment by the ownership who doesn’t want to get involved

Also keep in mind that while most individuals associate the upset parent with the mother of the child it could just as easily be the father.

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