Encounter Idea No. 5 – The wallet

Our fifth entry into the encounter idea file is ‘The wallet’ and while this might seem a bit strange for a role-playing encounter it lends itself very well to interaction between the characters and their surroundings.

The wallet could actually take many different shapes and forms from the typical bi-fold/tri-fold men’s wallet of today, a lady’s change purse or a small bag with a drawstring (you know, like the bag sitting there on the gaming table next to you, it holds your dice) the form is a matter of choice and should fit the location and time period when it’s found.

So where do the characters find it?
– in the middle of the street (be sure to note whether the street is busy or empty)
– in the doorway to an establishment they are entering/leaving
– on top of a pile of garbage

So the group notices it and the either decides to bypass it, which means nothing happens or they pick it up and . . .
– decide to turn it into the nearest law enforcement agent
– the individual comes back looking for it and calls them a thief
– the individual comes back and thanks the party for finding it
– the bag is magical (bag of holding, or a bag of devoring)
– the thief that stole it orginally realizes that he dropped it and comes back looking for it

Got an idea to add? Feel free to share it.

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One Response to Encounter Idea No. 5 – The wallet

  1. jameseck says:

    They could search the wallet. It’d be a good place for hiding clues or quest hooks. Maybe it contains a strange statuette, or a business card, depending on setting.

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