Encounter Idea No. 4 – The Street Peddler

Our fourth role-playing encounter takes place on Anystreet in Anywhere (you’ve got to like the generic value there).

As the group is walking they encounter a street peddler, you could use the stereo-type – where they open their overcoat and ask “Do you want to but a watch?” Or maybe you could try something a bit different such as:

– A pre-teen that’s selling newspapers and won’t take no for an answer
– A woman trying to sell her jewelry (e.g. she takes off her necklace and shows it to the party)
– An elderly person hawking vegetables (“grew ’em myself, so of course they’re fresh!”)

In addition to changing the individual they are encountering you can also twist what is really going on.

– The pre-teen is being forced to sell the papers so that he can buy someone out of bondage (it might even be himself) and he’s being watched all the time to make sure he doesn’t run off
– The woman is really a thief and is trying to sell the loot from her last job – which may have been stealing from a character in the group!
– The elderly person is selling the vegetables so they can buy medicine for their spouse

Don’t forget you could make the group by-standers in this type of encounter, they could come upon the scene and the seller is actually being “shaken-down” for the funds they’ve already earned.

Got an idea? Post away!

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