Encounter Idea No. 3 – The Runaway

The third in the encounter series – sorry it’s a bit later in the week than normal.

As the party is sitting at their favorite watering hole a teenager comes through the door, scans the room and heads for the party’s table. The teenager is running away from home and has singled out the party as their most likely method of obtaining it.

There is no shortage of twists you can use for this and some can lead to long term story arcs.

– The teen has heard the stories of adventures and wants to “catch on” with the group to seek fame and fortune
– The teen is nervous, he’s actually trying to avoid his parents as they have apprenticed him to the local baker (or some other non-glamorous occupation)
– The teen is brandishing a map claiming it leads to a lost treasure and wants the party to help him
– The teen is a member of a powerful family (i.e. royalty, trading faction, guild house) and commands the party to accompany him on his travels

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