Encounter Idea No. 2 – The Cat

Here’s the second in my year long weekly series of encounter ideas for your role-playing enjoyment, this week we encounter the cat.

While the party is sitting at the favorite watering hole, inn or simply walking down the street a cat wanders by. The cat might be a calico, a persian, a short or long hair, it might even be black. Most will either dismiss it or if your players are a bit paranoid a familiar to a wizard (if you’re playing a role-playing system that includes them) or maybe an omen of things to come – which of course it is.

Depending on your mood or what your players decide the cat might:
– belong to a child who come by a few minutes later looking for their “lost kitty”
– have a collar with an amulet that one of the characters recognize, either the amulet itself or the emblem on it
– it really be a wizard’s familiar and the party discovers there’s a handom reward for its return
– be a member of the royal or ruling family that’s been cursed and while is in cat form can speak to the party and asks for help
– just be a stray wandering by

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