Encounter Idea No. 16 – The Preacher

This week’s role-playing encounter idea is ‘The Preacher.’ You’ve probably played in a game where there is a character class that draws power from a diety such as the Cleric in D&D and while they have their place the preacher is the mundane version of those classes.

The preacher is an individual who works to increase the number of worshipers for their diety. That could be done by preaching from the pulpit, on the street or administering to those in need. The preacher is a non-combatant and typically doesn’t even carry a weapon.

So, what could happen when a party of adventurers encounters a preacher?

– The preacher confronts the party and wants them to give up the adventuring life and help administer to the sick and needy.
– The preacher was just attacked and asks the party for help.
– The preacher is giving a speech on a street corner and points to the party using them as an example of a life spent following the wrong path.

Got an idea for the preacher? Please post and share it.

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