Encounter Idea No. 10 – The Press Gang

The 10th entry into our encounter ideas topic is the press gang. For those unfamiliar with the term, a press gang was a group of men that would abduct men to serve in the military and in some cases could be bribed to “enlist” specific individuals.

So how can you use this for an encounter?

– “Press Gang!” The cry goes out and everyone on the street is running to get away.
– The party is approached by a group of rough looking individuals, “We heard you were looking for work.”
– The party could be asked to be the press gang

You could also use this as a jump off point for an adventure.

Using the first option from above, the members of the party are on the run and then are “sapped” or possible have a sleep type spell cast on them. When they wake up they’re at sea, “Welcome to her Majesty’s service.”

You could also just as easily have them wake up in the barracks of some land military encampment as well.

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