Encounter Idea 27 – The Wedding Party

In honor of Valentine’s Day I present Encounter Idea #27 – The Wedding Party.

For most groups just a basic wedding will cause no end to role-playing encounters. If you have been to wedding I’m sure you can remember all the small talk and the endless stream of folks you meet (even if you’re not in the wedding party). Of course you can play up the stereo-types should you choose:

  • The bride – very nervous, worrying about everything and is constantly telling her mother to “stop it!”
  • The groom – a bit nervous and whose temper flares quickly as he’s a bit stressed
  • The father of the bride – complains non-stop about how much this is all costing him
  • The mother of the bride – is either crying about losing her baby or fussing over something
  • The parents of the groom – happy and enjoying themselves, most likely because they’re running up the bar tab which is being covered by the father of the bride

Of course that’s just the start of it as most families invite nearly everyone in the family tree whether they’ve seen them recently or not. So feel free to play up those interactions as well which could include sibling rivalries and of course the unwanted relative.

Be sure to also take a look at ways take this up another notch. Things like jealous ex-boyfriends or girl-friends, the disapproving relative or even an inter-racial marriage (elf and human for instance?).

Got an idea about how a wedding party could be used? Why not post it and share.

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May your dice roll well.

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