Encounter Idea 20 – The Undertaker

Have you noticed that in almost every role-playing game the spectre of death is always close at hand but the individual who handles the arrangements for the body and funeral is never mentioned?

I’m sure you’ve seen the stereotyped undertaker, if you haven’t, rent almost any old western and you’ll see him. More often than not a tall and lanky individual who is wearing a dark suit (often a tuxedo) and always has a tape measure and seems to hang around where the action is. Imagine the look on your players’ faces when you mention that their character is being asked to raise their arms and then realize that they are measure for a coffin.

You can use this individual for a number of role-playing situations:
– As mentioned above the undertaker shows up and takes their measurements, then the local bully shows up and picks a fight.
– The characters are investigating a murder and want details about the body – who better to ask?
– After returning from the local dungeon the characters are what to get more information about body preservation – since they just dealt with what appeared to be the walking dead.

Remember you don’t have to follow the stereotype, maybe in your world undertakers are always gnomes, female or wear hooded cloaks so that no one knows their true identity.

May your dice roll well.

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